Here are some of the varieties that we grow from seed:

  • Acer Griseum - Paperbark Maple
  • Betula ermanii – Erman’s birch
  • Betula pendula - Himalayan Birch
  • Betula pendula - Birch
  • Cupressus Arizonica - Arizona Cypress
  • Eucalyptus Gunii
  • Fagus sylvatica – Common beech
  • Fagus sylvatica atropurpurea – Copper beech
  • Gleditsia triocanthus – Honey Locust
  • Ginkgo biloba - Maidenhair Tree
  • Laburnum anagyroides – Golden Chain Tree
  • Liquidambar stryaciflua – Sweet Gum
  • Metasequoia glyptostroboides – Dawn Redwood
  • Pinus aristata – Rocky Mountain Bristlecone pine
  • Pinus Sylvestris - Scot's Pine
  • Pseudotsuga menziesii – Douglas fir
  • Quercus cerris – Turkey/Austrian Oak
  • Quercus palustris – Swamp Spanish Oak
  • Quercus Robur (from our own Stairway Oak)
  • Quercus Rubra – Northern red oak
  • Sequoia sempervirens – Coastal Redwood
  • Sequoiadendron giganteum – Giant Redwood/Wellingtonia
  • Sorbus aucuparia – Native rowan
  • Wollemi Pine
The Stairway Oak
The Stairway Oak
The Stairway Oak
Stairway Oak acorns are harvested each season
Prunus Avium Seedlings
Prunus Avium Seed Sprouts

Can’t find what you are looking for? We have recently started contract growing for other nurseries as well as sourcing hard-to-find varieties and would be happy to discuss any requirements you might have. Please get in touch using our contact form to see how we might assist you.

Acer Griseum
Giant Sequoia young trees
Acer Griseum
Giant Sequoia at 12 years old

Grown under the Scottish Saltire Sky
Grown under the Scottish Saltire sky