About us

At Stairway our small and very dedicated team have been growing heavenly trees in Air-Pots since 2006. We believe the Air-Pot growing system is by far and away the best container system for growing trees. Click here to find out why: Air-Pot®

Seedlings in Air-Pots® our custom compost

Our Trees

We grow most of our trees from seed and grow them on in until they are ready for sale.

Scots Pine Seedlings
Scots Pine seedlings
Scots Pine Seedling
Scots Pine seedling
Scots Pine
Scots Pine - Pinus Sylvestris

Our Compost

Our Air-Pot containers are jammed full of our bespoke peat-free compost which in turn is full of natural bio stimulants which provide the active microbial life found in nature and is essential to plant health. We are building an immune system, helping trees get ready for the natural conditions they’ll encounter after planting.

Acer Griseum
Giant Sequoia young trees

Click here to find a list of what we grow: Our Trees

The Pump House
The Pump House in the centre of the nursery

State of the art

Our Pump House
Our Pump House Fertigation System

Our pump house is the beating heart of our nursery. This state-of-the-art computer controlled irrigation and fertigation system has the ability to water and feed our trees according to age, variety and pot size.

Acer Griseum
Acer Griseum - Paperbark Maple