Fruit Trees

We grow a small but specialised and interesting range of fruit trees. These include new, unusual and heritage varieties amongst the British garden favourites. Our new crops are generally ready for sale in Spring. As we grow the more unusual items in small batches, these tend to sell out very quickly. Should you wish to reserve any items which are presently sold out, please use the “Contact Us” tab to get in touch. We will reserve the items for you, on a ‘no deposit / no obligation to purchase’ basis and simply contact you when the items are ready for sale.

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As a specialist grower of Air-Pot® trees and shrubs, we were founded with the concept of producing premium quality stock, from seed where possible, in species and varieties not widely available elsewhere. Although we have now expanded our range to include more popular varieties to bring our advanced Air-Pot® technology to a wider audience, producing unusual or hard to grow varieties remains at the very core of all we do.

As not all of our stock is ready for sale at any given time, if you are looking for something out of the ordinary or something which isn't listed here, do give us a call or drop us a line - we just might have it coming on!

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Revolutionary Air-Pot®

Our Air-Pot containers are literally ground breaking. Developed to guarantee healthy root development by air pruning the roots.

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Stairway ‘smart’ compost

It’s not all about the pot. We’ve developed a unique, 100% peat free compost which makes our trees bigger, stronger and with lusher leaves.

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McStrong and hearty


Our trees get the very best start in life up here in Scotland, consequently we like to think our plants will cope with whatever growing conditions are thrown at them.

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