Our Air-Pot containers are literally ground breaking. Developed to guarantee healthy root development by air pruning the roots.

We’re Rooted

Every plant needs healthy roots to survive. The shape of the pot walls in our Air-Pot containers cleverly draws every root towards an air hole, inhibits growth on contact with the air and stimulates branching. This develops an absolute mass of outward pointing fibrous roots and eliminates root circling. Your plants will grow quicker by absorbing more nutrients and water. The extra oxygen in the growing medium delivers healthier bacteria and much better plant nourishment.

Who knew?

Horticultural experts have been using the Air-Pot system for years, for food production to growing the largest trees. London’s Olympic Park landscape gardeners used only Air-Pot® grown trees and the Royal Botanical Gardens Kew have over one thousand plant species grown in Air-Pot containers. The system is even relied on by the world’s leading horticultural institutions for vital research and conservation programs. So, now you know.