About us

About us

At Stairway our small and very dedicated team have been growing heavenly trees and shrubs since 2006. Our plants are of the highest possible quality and are grown exclusively using the Air-Pot growing system and exclusive 100% peat free Stairway Compost. Developing our unique techniques and growing methods has been a labour of love for us and we wouldn’t want to do it any other way.

Our Plants

We stock a wide range of Air-Pot grown trees and shrubs including timeless British garden favourites plus a selection of new and interesting, unusual varieties for the adventurous and or dedicated gardener. All our plants benefit from being outdoor grown in Scotland.

Our Guarantee

We have a simple ordering and secure payment system for safe, smooth transactions. Your plant will be selected and packaged with the utmost care and sent to you using a trusted 24hr courier. We want all our customers to be happy so if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied we’ll give you your money back, ‘no quibble’, guaranteed.

Our advice

We hope you’ll enjoy exploring the trees and shrubs at Stairway and that the photographs and descriptions will help you make your selections but if you need any advice or guidance, just give us a call or drop us an email.

Stairway ‘Smart’ Compost

It’s not all about the pot. We’ve developed a, unique 100% peat free compost which makes our trees bigger, stronger and with lusher leaves.


More oxygen

Trees benefit from more oxygen, just like we do. With traditional containers lack of oxygen and poor drainage can create major problems but Air-Pot grown trees get all the aeration they need.

More compost

Our Air-Pots containers are jammed full of our peat free compost which in turn is full of natural bio stimulants which, trust us, provide the active microbial life found in nature and is essential to plant health. We’re actually building an immune system, helping trees get ready for the natural conditions they’ll encounter after planting. Clever!

Less bad stuff

We use a natural bio-stimulant, to create a healthy soil food, which means we grow really strong plants with a minimum of inorganic fertilizers and pesticides. Hooray!

Grown in Scotland

Our trees get the very best start in life up here in Scotland, consequently we like to think our plants will cope with whatever growing conditions are thrown at them.


State of the art

Appropriately our Air-Pot grown plants begin their life in Ayrshire, watered and fed using a state of the art computer controlled fertigation system.

Straight to the roots

The plants are watered using a dripper irrigation system which means water and nutrients go straight to the roots with no loss or waste.

Right amount, right time

Sensors monitor each plant and give them water and feed exactly when they need them, the right amount at exactly the right time. How clever is that?