About us

Stairway was founded in 2006 with the aim of being a both showcase commercial nursery and a state of the art research & development facility for the Air-Pot®.

At Stairway we specialise in trees and shrubs grown exclusively in the Air-Pot®. This innovative system enhances root growth, eliminating the traditional problems associated with conventional pots and producing dense, fibrous, non-spiralling root systems. The Air-Pot is made from recycled materials and is either reusable or recyclable.

We have developed our own low peat and peat free composts and following extensive and successful trials we are now producing all of our stock in those blends. These are further enhanced by the use of mycorrhizal fungi and other natural bio-stimulants which provide the active microbial life found in nature and essential to plant health. This creates strong, healthy and easily established plants.

Our plants are watered and fed using an advanced fertigation system ensuring good resource management. Natural fertilisers, such as seaweed and compost teas, are used wherever possible and we work closely with our horticultural suppliers with the aim of being able to use our feeding system with 100% organic nutrients in the near future.

There are a few things we insist on doing the old-fashioned way – all our weeding on the nursery is done by hand to avoid the use of herbicides wherever possible and we use natural methods of insect control and attempt to allow nature to do its own job and keep a natural balance.

We like to think that Stairway Trees has created a similar balance by using advanced technology, materials and methods combined with good old-fashioned horticultural expertise and care.